Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy 2 be (ALMOST) Nappy! *Random Thoughts*

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I am itching with excitement as my natural hair grows, pushing the relaxed hair out of the way...
My hair is still in kinky twists but the hair underneath is growing like a beautiful flower...
I cannot wait until January when I cut my relaxed ends off...... FREEDOM!!
(can't rock the teeny weeny Afro, because of my big big head! :-P)
I'm literally counting down the days y'all..... tick tock, tick tock.....
I'm so in love with the little curls that sprout from my "kitchen" and around my
I play with them all day, take a little grease on my hand and twirl the curls like a fork twirling spaghetti!
I think to myself, one word "beautiful"
I cannot wait y'all....

Happy to be (ALMOST) Nappy!!!! :-)

(all of these thoughts are SOOOOO random...don't judge me y'all!)


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