Friday, June 25, 2010


My look today!
I was channeling the 80's today in honor of M.J.
I did a braidout and pinned half of my hair up on the side with 3 clips.
(extra thick hair people! LOL)
My mom said my hair looked like the leading lady's did in THRILLER.
I was ecstatic.


  1. Your hair looks Fab!! How did the braidout go since your hair is still mostly natural? I want to try a braidout but I didn't know if I should wait until more new growth came it.

  2. Thanks!! I only have like 2 inches of new growth so my relaxed hair I had to coax into curling! LOL but it reall came out CURLY. I was shocked..I'm gettin a roller set next week! So I'll post results!

  3. Great can't wait to see the pics!! I've learned so much about going natural! I'm going to do a roller set on my hair this week as well. I need to wait for my new growth to come in since I had a perm only about 6 weeks ago which will be my last perm!!

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